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Welcome to Ackos Therapies,
my name is Gordon Atkinson;

I've been interested in natural therapies for many years and regularly practiced very successful self-hypnosis during the 25 years that I ran my own financial services business.

When I retired that interest grew to the extent that I decided to take a Diploma Course in Hypnotherapy, as it was my intention to practice in this.

I discovered the Callahan Techniques for Thought Field Therapy and was amazed at the excellent success rate of this simple therapy which has been proven to work both scientifically and medically, so I also successfully carried out a Diploma Course for this technique.

Whilst practicing these therapies I became aware of an interest amongst members of the general public wanting to try out these techniques in the privacy of their own homes: With that in mind, I have created number of personal therapy packages to suit individual situations.

A list of the packages can be found on the products page of the site, I hope that their competitive pricing will encourage you to try Hynotherapy and Thought Field Therapy for yourself at home. I am certain that in the majority of cases you will find very postive benefits if you follow the directions correctly.

Although more complex cases will certainly benefit from the experience of a local therapist, purchasing one of the packages will give you some idea of what to expect.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have....

33 Warwick Drive, BEVERLEY -
East Yorkshire, HU17 9TB
Tel: 01482 865822(c)

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